How To Get High-Quality Website Visitors For 15¢


Dear Website Owner,


Your ability to get website visitors is in imminent danger!


Every day you battle poor quality banner programs… behemoth ad networks -- where you constantly get outbid -- and fake clicks stealing your money.


Let’s face it… you’re dealing with soaring prices and plummeting quality and outright theft.


You’re spending more today to maintain the level of traffic you had yesterday. And the outlook isn’t getting any better.


3 Threats To Your Internet Advertising Campaigns


Here are the 3 top threats to your online marketing campaigns:


Traffic Stealer #1. Bidding wars. The big ad networks strong arm you into forever raising your bid. Worse yet, any of your competitors with deep pockets will purposely drive up bid prices to sky-hi levels -- even outbidding you 1,000 to 1. Good luck with THAT.


Traffic Stealer #2. Click fraud. Any ad network with third party websites running your ads has fraud… these networks simply can’t police what tens of thousands of webmasters are up to.


Traffic Stealer #3. Having your account closed down for no reason. One web site owner I know had his account shutdown forever, even after spending $619,762.81 for traffic! And his business was severely damaged overnight.


Yours could be next.


As you can see, the odds of keeping your stream of traffic are against you.


By this time tomorrow your account could be SHUTDOWN. Gone. Done. Finished….


And you’d be left standing there holding the bag.


What To Do About Poor Quality Website Traffic


My name is John Andersen, and I’m going to reveal how you can get top quality traffic, that performs better, for a simple flat rate.


With Have Traffic you will get high quality visitors for your sports and outdoor websites.


I know that’s a pretty big promise… But I can back it up because we have eliminated all of the issues that are plaguing other ad networks. Let me explain…


Have Traffic does not have any click fraud because we built a private network of sites in the sports and outdoor market… and we don’t use third party’s to display your ads.


That way we don’t have to police other webmasters. We simply build high quality -- content rich -- websites that bring in real visitors deeply interested in sports and the outdoors.


When these visitors arrive, they will see your ad prominently displayed on every page throughout the website. So you’ll get maximum exposure.


How To Save Money On Web Traffic


Now let me tell you about how much money you’re going to save with Have Traffic.


When you sign up your rate is a flat 15 cents per visitor… and it’s locked in at that price forever.


And there is no bidding on keywords or raising prices.


Some sites charge you for how many times your ads are displayed, even if you don’t get any visitors.


With Have Traffic you don’t have to worry about any of that. Because its pay per click, if you don’t get real live visitors, you don’t pay… it’s that simple.


I am so confident Have Traffic will outperform ANY other traffic provider, I back it up with this industry leading guarantee…


Open an account today and put our traffic to the test. I personally guarantee it will outperform any other pay per click provider.


Go ahead and open an account today by clicking on the click link below.


Get Unlimited Website Traffic For $1


When you start an account today you’ll get the first 30 days of unlimited traffic for just $1.


You’ll find the campaign center at Have Traffics is simple to use. You don’t select keywords, you simply create your ad. Within minutes it will automatically display on our network of sites.


You’ll have traffic pouring into your website by tonight.




-John Andersen

Marketing Manager

Have Traffic